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Are you looking for a unique way to say thank you or to celebrate someone special?

Searching for unforgettable party favors that are different from everyone else's? We're so glad you've found us!

We specialize in designing tiny thank-yous in personalized packages.

Find lip balms, lotions, sugar scrubs, and other bath and body products with custom designs and personal touches. Let us help you to create the perfect gifts and favors for your event!

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personalized party favor options for customization include colors, fonts, and designs

Customization Options

Ice Cream Sundae tags lip Balm favor
Ice Cream Lip Balm Favors

What's New

Do you scream for ice cream?
Rich hot fudge and cool vanilla are a sweet treat in Ice Cream Sundae, our newest kid-friendly flavor and scent. With tags and labels to match, why not host a make-your-own-sundae party? Check out our blog feature for some Ice Cream Sundae party ideas!

What's Popular

• The most popular bridal shower flavor this month is Blushing Bride.

Cupcake is the Baby Shower favorite.

kids spa party favors lotions and lip balms
Lotion and Lip Balm Spa Party Favors

Kids' Spa Party Favors

Kids spa parties are hot! How do we know? Because we're making kids spa party favors like crazy!

The most popular fragrance and flavor combo for kids' parties is Cupcake—but Lollipop is a close second.

We'll be adding some new fragrance and flavor combinations in the coming weeks, so make sure you're on our mailing list or following along at our blog to get the latest!

Take a look at our line of Spa Party Favors as well as lots of other kids party favors ideas, and please contact us if you need help with favors for your next party!


"This is one of the nicest websites I have found. Was totally happy with my order and will for sure go back for more soon. Perfect gifts to hand out for the holidays and whatever else you may need. Too bad I am not getting married again, as I would use this site for my wedding favors. Just so beautifully and tastefully wrapped. Thank you for such nice products!"

- Jeanne Revolt, Pennsylvania


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1. "You had just what I was looking for without making me order 30 - 50." Jill, CA
2. "...the selection of flavors is wonderful. I love that your products are not generic." Jessica, NY
3. " just finding your website, my life got 100% easier. One stop shopping and wrapping to boot." Danielle, CO

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